Men & Lawns


There is a strong connection between men and their lawns. Mowing the lawn in the U.S. is still very much a male dominated task.

Edwina mentioned in our interview, when asked if her approaches were gendered at all said that there was a connection historically between men and their lawns: that even back to tribal times men would make sure the area around their home was free of vegetation, to ensure a clean line of sight in case the enemy approaches. However, her strategies are aimed mainly at women, as they are most receptive to their message (particularly in relation to health concerns) and would influence their husband if they do not mow the lawn.

Nowadays, a well kept lawn is more a part of culture, than a desire to protect the home. A domestic chore ‘manly’ enough for men to carry-out without risk of being ridiculed by their friends.

I have collected a few archive images of men and their lawn mowers, which I might use in my final piece.

*Image above is a collage I made of an archival picture.

lawn mower.png

lawn mower_3.png



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