7 Days of Making: Day 7


On the final day of making, I photographed the origami bees with some flowers.

The idea was to highlight the role of bees in the pollination process. The paper bees are oversize against the flowers, but, like the flowers, the bees are very fragile. Some of the images work quite well – particularly from a structural perspective. Although the bees do not really sing against the color of the flowers. In my opinion  the images are too far on the aesthetic spectrum and do not send a clear message.

To take this further, I would want to make the bees become a practical intervention in the pollination system, for example, they could be made out of paper which is peppered with wild flower seeds, and printed within information about CCD, protecting pollinators etc. The bees could be used as a tactic to get people engaged with the idea of planting wild flowers, or increasing biodiversity in their gardens.

File_000 (1).jpeg

File_000 (2)



7 Days of Making: Day Five

I started thinking about the fragility of bees, and there dependence on so many different factors (mono-culture, pesticides, habitat loss, mites etc.). I was also quite frustrated by the fact that no bees are around at this time of year, so I have not been able to see any!

I decided I wanted to make my own bees. That combined with the idea of using a fragile, (possibly disposable material) led me to the idea of origami. Small, quick, cheap and fragile!

I used some simple instructions online (although, I realize that my origami method is slightly off) to form the foundation of my origami bee: http://www.origami-resource-center.com/easy-origami-bee.html

Et voila!


7 Days of Making: Day Three


This map was a bit of a failure.

I wanted to reflect the screwed dynamics of food consumption in the US, particularly relating to the import of goods from other countries (in this case honey). I used a map I found which shows the world re-drawn in relation to the amount of green house gas emissions (a metaphor for consumption of all kinds). I printed it out and drew over the top of it.

I took pictures from honey I found at the store and overlaid these on the map. However,the results are not very effective. This idea of mapping and re-mapping systems of value is something I want to explore further, but this attempt did not go far enough.

7 Days of Making: Day Two


In lieu of visiting an apiary (the ones I contacted were closed for the winter or would not accept visitors) I decided on tracking down the honey in my local neighborhood: a pre -packaged honey hunt.

The pictures above show what honey I found in my local supermarket.

The air- miles collected in this picture are:

Florida (1072 miles)

Brazil (4775 miles)

New Zealand (8933 miles)

Totaling: 14780 miles.

I am going to use the data I collected from this shop for my next few days of making.



7 Days of Making: Day One


The concept behind this map was to re-drawNew York City, imagining where the main honey bee ‘superhighways’ would be.

Where do urban honey bees fly? Up from Flatbush across Prospect Park? Or a trail down Manhattan seeking out pollen from the High Line and Central Park. Or down into Brooklyn from an apiary in LIC? Are there main routes or crossroads in the air, main meeting points for the best forage?

A virtual attempt at hunting the urban honey bee (who is having some winter rest at the moment).